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Related Organizations

WELA is an affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers Association, which promotes workers rights at the national level, and of the Equal Justice Coalition, which promotes greater access to justice for low-income people in Washington.


Helpful Resources

For information about federal anti-discrimination laws, including how to file a federal charge of discrimination see the?Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website.

For information about how to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission without help from an attorney, see Representing Yourself in the EEOC Process.

For information about Washington state anti-discrimination laws, visit the?Washington Human Rights Commission website.

For information about workers? rights to fair wages and hours in Washington consult the Washington Department of Labor & Industries.

For legal assistance and information on unemployment benefits, consult the Unemployment Law Project.

For a description of federal False Claims Act whistleblower claims, consult the Department of Justice.

For legal assistance and information on minimum wage, wage theft, paid sick & safe time, consult the Office of Labor Standards – Seattle.