Court: US District Court Western District of Washington

Judge: Hon. Ricardo Martinez

Date Filed: 02/08/2017

Date of Settlement or Verdict: 10/11/2018

Total Amount of Judgment or Settlement: $5,862,700

Basic Facts and Claims: Mr. Coachman was a 14-year employee with Mercedes Benz. He directed the finance department. He had a laryngectomy due to throat cancer, which involved the complete removal of his vocal cords. Following his surgery, Mr. Coachman spoke using a voice prosthesis. His medical team released him to return to work. The owner feared customers would be uncomfortable so refused to return him to work.

Damages Awarded: The jury awarded $236,812 in economic damages and $4,697,248 in compensatory damages. Judge Martinez awarded attorneys fees of $856,984 and costs of $56,660. In addition, the Court awarded $12,938 in prejudgment interest and $2,058 for tax consequence adjustment.

Expert Witnesses: Judy Clark, Human, Resource Practices
Douglas McDaniel, Economic Damages

Attorneys: Mr. Coachman was represented at trial by Beth Bloom a partner with Frank Freed Subit & Thomas LLP (now of Bloom Law PLLC) and Jamal Whitehead a shareholder at Schroeter, Goldmark, and Bender. Anne Silver and partner Sean Phelan worked on the litigation team