WELA filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in this case on Friday April 27, urging the court to reverse and/or certify two legal issues to the Washington Supreme Court.? The plaintiff, a buyer for a group of privately-held companies, was fired after raising concerns about internal pricing that she had been told could raise flags with the IRS.? She sued in federal court claiming wrongful discharge in violation of public policy.? The court dismissed her claim at mid-trial and she appealed.? WELA urges reversal on two legal issues: (1) whether an employee has to prove an actual violation of public policy or only a reasonable belief, and (2) whether the employee must show she was seeking to further the public good, or merely that the policy she was attempting to protect furthers the public good. Erin Norgaard and Leo McGuigan represent the plaintiff/appellant.

Dan Johnson and Jeff Needle wrote the brief for WELA.? Read WELA’s Amicus Brief HERE.