Court: Douglas County Superior Court

Judge: Judge Hotchkiss

Date Filed: December 30, 2013

Date of Settlement or Verdict: March 7, 2018

Total Amount of Judgment or Settlement: $6,000 for economic damages and $500,000 for non-economic damages

Basic Facts and Claims: Tyler experienced retaliation from other deputies at Chelan County Sheriff’s Office after she testified against her former Sheriff in OK for sexual assault, and was wrongfully terminated in 2010. In 2013, an arbitrator reinstated her to her job.? When she was reinstated, she suffered even worse retaliation from Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.? She is still employed there.

Damages Awarded: Past wages loss; Emotional distress and attorneys fees

Expert Witnesses: None. The judge Plaintiff Expert Barbara Reskin

Attorneys for Plaintiff:?Annette Messitt and Mike Kelly

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