Court: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington

Full Case Name:?Irene Riggs v. Life Care Centers of America, Inc., 2:17-cv-0342-TOR

Judge: Thomas O. Rice, Eastern District of WA

Date Filed: September 9, 2016

Date of Verdict: November 1, 2017

Total Amount of Judgment or Decision: $1,533,932

Basic Facts and Claims:?Plaintiff, an executive in Sandpoint, ID, complained to her supervisor and to HR regarding an inappropriate relationship between her supervisor, a regional vice-president, and a nurse. Plaintiff is terminated two months later for allegedly abusing a resident of the skilled-nursing facility for unplugging his television. Claims of retaliation under WLAD and wrongful termination.

Damages Awarded:?Past wage loss: $232,356
Future wage loss: $801,576
Emotional distress: $500,000

Expert Witnesses:?William G. Brandt, Forensic Economist

Attorneys:? Gregory M. Skidmore and Vera P. Fomina for Plaintiff