On July 26, 2017, WELA filed an Amicus Curiae brief in the Supreme Court of Washington in Zhu v. North Cent. Educ. Dist. No. 171, No. 94209-9.? In this case, Plaintiff made a race discrimination and retaliation suit against his prior employer, which settled, and was later applied for employment with the defendant, which knew about the prior race discrimination claim.? He was passed over for that job, and sued for retaliation and race discrimination.? A jury in the federal district court in Eastern Washington found for the plaintiff on his retaliation claim and the court certified to the Washington Supreme Court the question whether the Washington Law Against Discrimination protects job applicants from retaliation by a prospective employer for opposing discrimination by a prior employer.? WELA argues that it does, under the plain language of the statute and the policies underlying it. ?WELA?s brief was written by Sam Kramer and Jesse Wing with help from Dan Johnson.? See WELA’s brief here.