Court: U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington

Judge: Richard A. Jones, Western District of WA

Date Filed: September 28, 2016

Date of Settlement or Verdict: Consent Decree Approved July 31, 2017

Total Amount of Judgment or Settlement: $160,000 plus a consent decree requiring Taylor to implement other relief

Basic Facts and Claims: According to EEOC’s suit, a black maintenance mechanic at Taylor Shellfish’s Samish Bay Farm faced repeated demeaning comments about his race, including the use of the “N word,” “spook” and “boy.” His direct supervisor commented that his father used to run “your kind” out of town. After reporting the behavior to management, the supervisor retaliated against him and told him to do as he was told.

Damages Awarded: $155,000 Compensatory Damages
$5,000 Lost Wages

Attorneys:? Teri L. Healy for Plaintiff EEOC
Stephanie Bloomfield for Defendant Taylor Shellfish

EEOC’s press release can be viewed at: