W.D. Wash. at Tacoma
Judge Ronald Leighton
Filed: January 17, 2014
Verdict: June 30, 2015

Total amount of judgment: $1,250,000 verdict, $423,625 in costs & fees

Plaintiff was a 16-year veteran locomotive engineer. He lodged multiple safety complaints with the Railway about the signal system between Tacoma and Vancouver, first to the employer and then to regulators. The employer fired him for alleged assault, which he claimed was fabricated. He claimed retaliation under the Federal Rail Safety Act.

Damages awarded:

Past Wage Loss: $234,796

Future Wage Loss: $604,069

Non-Economic Harm: $160,391

Other: $250,000 punitive damages (statutory maximum)

Attorney?s fees awarded: $423,625

Expert witnesses: Jeffrey B. Opp, CPA

Plaintiff: Sara Amies, Jim Vucinovich

Defendant: Tim Wackerbarth, Lyn Robbins, Jennifer Willingham