February 25th, 2015 4:00 PM
5:30 PM WELA Annual Meeting
Speakers: Alex Higgins and Adam Berger

At 4:00 PM join us for the first brown bag of the year. WELA is proud to present Alex Higgins and Adam Berger to speak on opening statements and closing arguments at trial. Both Alex and Adam have recently won substantial verdicts at trial for the employees they represent. Opening statements are sometimes said to be the most important part of the trial ? the first time the jury gets to hear your client?s story. Adam will present on effective strategies in presenting opening statements. Closing arguments are arguably the most fun part of a trial. They are essential to getting the jury over the finish line. Alex will present on effective closings. You will certainly come away with new insights on doing openings and closings.

Following the Brown Bag at 5:30 PM, WELA will hold its 2015 Annual Meeting. WELA wants your input about how it can serve you better. During the Annual Meeting, the WELA board will ask the members for their suggestions and feedback. We will provide you with updates related to WELA?s efforts. If you want to become more involved in WELA, please email Beth Terrell (beth@tmdwlaw.com) or Terry Venneberg(terry@washemploymentlaw.com) and we will follow up with you