The False Claims Act permits private qui tam relators to recover from persons who make false or fraudulent claims for payment against the federal government.?? It bars recovery where the information upon which the plaintiff based her suit has previously been disclosed to the public via certain sources. ?One of those disqualifying sources is ?in a Congressional, administrative, or Government Accounting Office report, hearing, audit, or investigation.? ?The issue in this case was whether the disqualification applied to only federal reports, audits or investigations, or whether it also included those by states or localities. ?Writing for a majority of seven, Justice Stevens opined that the word ?administrative? was not limited to federal administrative matters.? ?Justices Sotomayor and Breyer dissented. ?The new health care legislation eliminates this defense to recovery, so the case has little prospective import.?? Graham County Soil & Water? Conservation? District? v.? United? States? ex rel. Wilson, No. 08-304 (3/30/10)