The plaintiffs, husband and wife, worked for an adult care home.?? One of them remained on the premises at all times during their 10 day work period each two weeks. ?Their job duties included record keeping, planning and preparing meals, and ensuring the residents took their medicines. ?They were frequently awakened during the night by emergencies. ?Together, they received a total salary of $35,000.? ?They sued for overtime under the FLSA. ?The trial court ruled for the employer after a bench trial and Division III affirmed. ?It agreed the plaintiffs were ?resident employees.? ?Resident employees are not entitled to overtime as long as their contracts are otherwise reasonable. ?The court also held that the primary duty of the plaintiffs was administrative because they exercised significant freedom? and ?discretion ?in ?managing ?the ?daily affairs of the home.?? ?Schryvers v. Coulee Community Hospital, 158 P.3d 113 (2007)