Robert Fontana sued his former employer, the Catholic Diocese of Yakima and his supervisor, Bishop Carlos Sevilla, for constructive discharge. The Diocese hired Fontana as director of evangelization to develop and implement programs of ?Christian disciplineship, Scripture, the Catholic Faith as summarized in the Creed, Sacraments?? Fontana complained that his supervisor did not properly ?handle ?a ?priest ?who ?had ?attempted ?to commit suicide after pictures of naked boys were found on his computer.?? Sevilla began to lose trust in Fontana after Fontana exceeded his delegated authority and there were complaints about his programs.? ?Fontana?s duties were diminished ?but ?his ?salary ?was ?not.???? Then, Fontana resigned and sued alleging retaliatory constructive? discharge.???? ?The? function? of Fontana?s position was ?directly related to faith teaching and doctrine? so the Court of Appeals affirmed dismissal of Fontana?s claim applying the ministerial exception, which prevents unconstitutional interference with the religious freedom of his employer to select its employees. Fontana v. Diocese of Yakima, 157 P.3d 443 (2007)