Tenured college professor Tony Mega sued his former employer, Whitworth College, for terminating his employment–allegedly for behavior complaints–without following college procedures.? ?He alleged wrongful discharge, breach of contract, and wrongful withholding of wages during his termination process.?? A jury held against Professor Mega but the trial court granted Mega?s CR 50(b) motion holding that, as a matter of law, Whitworth breached the parties? contract by discharging him without pay prior to the formal dismissal hearing, and ordered Whitworth to pay back wages and prejudgment interest.?? Mega?s CR 59 motion for a new trial was granted by the trial court on all jury issues because the court held that it gave a faulty jury instruction allowing the jury to decide matters of law.? ?The Court of Appeals affirmed in all respects, and awarded Mega his attorneys? fees under RCW 49.48.030 for recovering wages. Mega? v.? Whitworth? College,? 158 ?P.3d ?1211 (2007)