Danny v. Laidlaw, Supreme Court No. 78421-3 (view WELA’s brief)

Ramona Danny was forced to take two weeks off work due to domestic violence against her and her children. She was demoted upon her return to work. When she filed a complaint of retaliation with the Washington State Human Rights Commission, Danny was fired. The United States District Court certified to the Washington Supreme Court the question of whether Plaintiff’s termination was a violation of Washington’s public policy. WELA argued that a clear mandate of public policy prohibits an employer from discharging an at-will employee because she experienced domestic violence and used employer benefits and civil and criminal remedies to protect herself. The Supreme Court agreed that there is a clear mandate of public policy to protect victims of domestic violence and hold abusers accountable, and remanded to the district court to determine whether that policy was violated in Ms. Danny’s case.

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