The plaintiffs filed a unpaid wages class action in Washington state court.?? The defendant removed to federal court.?? The plaintiffs then moved to amend the complaint by adding two individual defendants whose presence would destroy diversity.???? Judge ?Zilly ?granted ?the ?motion ?to amend and remanded to state court (as he was required to do once the amendment was granted). The defendants appealed, but the Ninth Circuit dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. ?Remand orders are not subject to appellate review (except in civil rights cases). The panel held that regardless of whether the grant of the amendment was a separable order, it was not reviewable as a final order ?nor ?so ?important ?as? to ?justify ?appellate review under any exception to finality. ?Stevens v. Brink?s Home Security, Inc., No. 03-35217 (08/04/04; Thompson, Pregerson, Callahan)