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WELA is composed of attorneys, law professors, paralegals and law students devoted to the promotion of employee rights. WELA works to promote and increase public awareness of the rights of individual employees; enhance the quality of legal representation of employees; advocate for employee rights before courts and legislative bodies; and assist and support members in their practice of plaintiffs’ employment law.

Recent Developments In Employment Law

WELA Alert: Federal Courts Lack Jurisdiction Over Pure Procedural Violations of Fair Credit Reporting Act

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires employers who conduct background checks to provide the applicant with a copy of his/her credit report before the employer takes any adverse action. Here the employer conducted a background check and obtained the applicant’s credit report. The employer disqualified the applicant for further consideration based on...

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Collective Bargaining Agreement Did Not Cover Employee’s State Law Wage Claims so no Compelled Arbitration

WASHINGTON COURT OF APPEALS Plaintiff worked for QFC. He filed a class action claiming the employer’s policy of rounding employees’ clock-in time to nearest quarter hour unlawfully deprived them of wages due under Washington law. QFC claimed that the claims were subject to arbitration under the relevant collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”), even though there was no mention of the rounding...

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WELA’s mission is to enforce and advance employee rights, in recognition that employment with dignity and fairness is fundamental to the quality of life. We do this by promoting and increasing public awareness of the rights of individual employees…


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